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The Truth is in 1 Thessalonians…

Wednesday October 11, 2006

Acts 17:1-9 has the story of Paul starting the church in Thessalonica. After an extemely¬†promising start (see 1:4-10), Paul was thrown out of the city after just three weeks – not nearly enough time for him to teach the church all that he wanted to. It seems, in particular, that he didn’t teach them what was going to happen after they die or at the end of time. He didn’t know how the church was doing – or even if there still was a church so sent Timothy to find out. And the news is fantastic! The church is strong in faith, love and godliness.

In fact, Paul is so excited by it, and so keen to praise the Thessalonians and to fill in the gaps in their knowledge that this must have been such a fantastic letter to receive. Love and admiration just emanates from it. For that reason, I think that looking at this letter will show what characterises a church that Paul and Jesus loved – which won’t be a bad thing to know for our own churches.