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Saturday 24/02/07

Tuesday February 27, 2007

Yet another chance to hang out with good friends and laugh about silly things – how else are we going to make sure we don’t take ourselves seriously?! Seriously, though, if your friends told you (late at night, after a lot of batner and teasing) that there was an animal called a manatee which looks like a dolphin, is a close relative to the elephant and is also known as a sea-cow would you believe them or think they were pulling your leg? I went for the second option, and called their bluff to the point of typing “manatee” into the search box in Wikipedia – at which point I ended up with a very large amount of egg on my face. I think I may also have been signed up to adopt a manatee, so I have a feeling this isn’t going to go away for a long time… Oh well, that means there should be plenty more chances to laugh at myself.

At the worst, I can just pull up a picture of a manatee and have a laugh at that. It looks pretty stupid!

Friday 23/02/07

Saturday February 24, 2007

It was just yesterday I was musing that I hadn’t come across anything that really made me laugh for a little while. I really shouldn’t have been too surprised, then, that today brought plenty of opportunities for a giggle. The first was a friend of mine recounting her story of getting stuck in the lifts. Probably wasn’t funny at the time, but it’s the way she tells it! Another not-funny-at-the-time one was a different friend coming up behind me, grabbing me and yelling ‘boo’ as I was reading. It had me chuckling as he left, though.

But this evening things really started going. My prayer triplet came round and after the chatting and praying we got down to making some pancakes. Now, it was after 11 and we aren’t culinary geniuses so we were pretty sure it was going to be fun. Somehow we managed to make 6 pancakes out of a recipe for 16 and they just kept getting thicker. By the end we had a rolled up jam pancake which was aptly described as ‘more like a swiss roll’. We also passed the ‘everything becomes funny’ time of night and spent a lot of time laughing at dried fruit (“Sultans’ wives are called sultanas – stands to raisin”, “that joke’s so dated – it’s just not currant”) and expanding foam (our handy man has put it everywhere to stop mice, including sealing one door so it now won’t open).

To round off the evening, one of us – no names! – absently mindedly dropped a pan of very hot oil into the sink of cold water and we had a firework show before going to bed. Thank God for good times, good friends and good laughs.

Tuesday 30/01/06

Tuesday January 30, 2007

I’ve been taking a break looking through some of the old articles at There’s a lot of stuff on there which is really good but, to my shame, today I’ve been looking at the funny ones! Some of them are really good and I just wanted to share. It’s probably worth saying that they are all spoofs and tounge-in-cheek – some of the commenters seemed not to pick up on that!

  1. Reformed Eye for the Arminian Guy – Tim suggests a new TV show
  2. The Doctrine of Hairology – might not sound fun, but really is! About 20 minutes long, though, so takes a while.
  3. Fantasty Church – how many points does your church get?
  4. Allegations of Retirement – Challies Denies All – the name says it all.


Friday 26/01/07

Sunday January 28, 2007

A bunch of us were at a friend’s watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the new film version). At one point it was looking like it was about to turn into a chick-flick, with Arthur announcing that Trillian “absolutely, definitely, positively” was ‘the one’. The two mice saved the day from turning into a slushy nightmare with the all-time classic line “What’s all this ‘is she the one?’ nonsense? Take his brain!” Pure genius!

At the same time, I got to rehear the story of another friend’s ears. He’s damaged his earphones so some of the metal wiring is exposed. Now, it seems that when he’s sitting on the synthetic fabric of the chairs in the computer room his jeans become statically charged. This would usually be fine, but if he’s also listening to music from the computer through the dodgy earphones then there’s an easy route for the electrons and he gets electric shocks straight into his ears every time he moves! I saw it happen when he was sitting just in front of me and it really is awfully funny.

Monday 22/01/07

Monday January 22, 2007

We were learning today about how databases of patient data work. It’s actually slightly more interesting than it sounds, but the high point came when our lecturer phrased his sentance slightly unfortunately. He was talking about not wasting space when a set of records are deleted, and a technique whereby:

We can reclaim the memory before eliminating a patient.


Saturday 20/1/07

Saturday January 20, 2007

“There’s just no grip to be had anywhere!”

Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear trying to drive a Jaguar on, wait for it, an icerink!

Friday 19/1/07

Friday January 19, 2007

Technically this was a long time ago, but I enjoyed it enough that I’ve been chuckling every now and then ever since. A friend of mine commented, “I always get a headache when there’s too much blood in my caffeine stream.” Quality.

Friday 11/1/07

Friday January 12, 2007

The air-lift in Alias where two men were abducted by having the lift they were in winched up by a helicopter and flow off into the sunset. Plus, the laugh out loud line:

“Personally, I would have found it anti-climactic that after expecting to assemble a weapon of ultimate power you ended up with a revelation you could have acquired from a fortune cookie.”

Thursday 15/12/06

Friday December 15, 2006

Milhouse (from The Simpsons): I’m not a nerd! Nerds are smart.

It just made me laugh!

Wednesday 6/12/06

Thursday December 7, 2006

I’ve just spent a couple of hours with David, trying not to fret about the fact there’s nothing I can really do about the carol service apart from pray and wait and see how it turns out. We were just looking at some of the posters from last year, deciding whether to use them again. Because the name of the event is Emmanuel there are 16 posters, two sets of 8 with the letters of Emmanuel. We only have space to put up one set this year so were wondering if there are any amusing anagrams we could use the others for. After a little while, we realised that we could use them to advertise Meal Menu! The sad thing is, more people would come!

Thank God we have a better message than Meal Menu to share. Emmanuel, God with us. God became flesh so that he could experience what it is to be us, and so that he could die to save us for himself.  We’ll use food if it gets people through the door (hey, we’ve bought 1,000 mince pies!) but we hope and pray that they leave with the better message.