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Share the wealth…

Friday February 9, 2007

It feels like ages since I’ve written anything. Maybe it is, maybe I just have amnesia. Who knows? In the meantime I’ve been loving enjoying and serving God, but look forward to having a chance to come back here and think as I write. Today isn’t the day, though. I just thought I’d share something here I just shared with the fam over at the Criddle Kitchen Table. Because I can’t come up with anything better the second time round, I’ll just have to resort to quoting myself!

Over at The Rebelution, Alex and Brett Harris have just finished a survey of around 1000 Christian guys on what forms of clothing are most/least helpful in our fight for sexual purity. It was requested by Christian girls and has always been based on grace rather than legalism but to ensure it is published and received in the right spirit they’re asking Christian guys (12+ so you’re both in!) to sign a petition affirming seven things about the way we want women to approach modesty. They’re doing a lot of great work over there, and if you want to join them I thought I’d give you the chance…

We are richly blessed (hence the bad pun in the title) to have many chances to serve one another and this is one of them – to let our sisters know how much we value modesty and how we desire grace for them above all.

For the girls – you can’t sign the petition (for, hopefully, obvious reasons) but the results of the survey will be out soon and available from The Rebelution.

New blog

Sunday January 21, 2007

Dad and I (and my brother David if we can get him in!) are starting a new discussion at the Criddle Kitchen Table – a place of many, often bizarre, conversations. To begin with, we’re talking about Wayne Grudem’s book Systamatic Theology, which we all received for Christmas :) and the debate seems just to be beginning. Join in if you’re up for it – it’s starting to look like fun!

Family night in

Friday December 29, 2006

I suppose Christmas holidays are always confusing. How do you make sure you’re rested and still do the work you need to do by the time you get back? For that matter, how do you rest at all amid all the extra work that needs to be done Christmas – from family traditions and meeting friends to buying presents and preparing for extra church services? How do you remember Jesus rather than letting the lack of daily routine drive out any hope of spending quiet time with him? Where on earth do you find a present your friends will like for under a fiver? But I think my Christmases have been made more confusing since I’ve been away from home at University.

In the year and a half I’ve been at Uni I’ve done a lot of new things and changed in lots of ways, so it takes some time to remember how I used to fit in here – at which point I realise because things have changed that’s not where I fit any more. That said, it’s been great to come back and see and get to know them all again – I really appreciate everyone who’s been praying for strong, God-honouring relationships between us. There have been plenty of long conversations from Sabbath laws to the death (or not, it seems) of chivalry, which have challenged me to think harder in terms of theory and application and for which I’m thankful. But I’m also thankful for lighthearted times – for the chance to joke and mess around and feel completely comfortable and, as it were, at home.

In that spirit, I want to remember a couple of silly family nights from the last week or so. On the first, we were trying to find something more original than Monopoly to do when Mum decided that we should start with Charades (old-fashioned style) then move onto whatever someone thought of next. After a brief interlude (when everyone turned off all the lights and hid in various places while I was upstairs finding a jumper) we began. In the 15 minutes ‘preparation’ time, Dad and I put together a three part dramatic mime of A Christmas Carol, complete with dream sequence hand waving and a game of patty cake for young Scrooge. David and Mum portrayed Grumpy Old Men by…acting as grumpy old men! I have no idea what they did with their other 14 minutes once they’d thought of that, but we had fun which was the main thing.

After that, we had a go at quick charades (with no time to think) from which the highlight was the film Snowman, depicted by picking up a woollen snowman and waving him around. This rolled into Pictionary, which became interesting as soon as the three TV programmes various family members are obsessed with were out of the way. The final “event” of the evening was a very geeky West Wing quiz from the internet which David won by a point (though Dad wins the comedy buzzer contest with ‘I did know!’).

In an era when anything not involving electricity is outdated and boring, this was a tribute to the fun you can still have with just newspaper and eyeliner (don’t ask!). As if to prove that the evening had been a success, our dog Scruff came and went to sleep on his bed in our front room. He can count to four family members and doesn’t like it when we’re not all around, so will lie by the front door and apparently has been doing so for most of the term while I’ve been away. He was with us tonight, though, seeming to enjoy the fact that we were all back together as much as we were.