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LIFE diaries

Monday January 22, 2007

Imperial College Christian Union (ICCU) has just finished our mission. It was called LIFE week and was basically a week of intensive focus on evangelism, with two lunchtime talks each day, action groups (spiritual surveys around campus), a curry night, lots of prayer and various bits and bobs. It really was a blessing, and a huge learning experience for me, and we’re already starting to think about how to make next year’s even better.

One of my jobs each day was to write up what had been happening and send it round to people – as it was impossible for anyone to be at everything, and it was helpful for people who were praying for us to know what was going on. At some point I’ll get round to reflecting on the week properly but now, for the sake of posterity, I’ve uploaded all five of those updates (after a while fighting with my laptop so it would let me!) here.

As a special bonus feature, and because I’m so excited about how cool they look, I’ve also managed to get up the fliers that we had printed. Credit for these goes to David who did a bang-up outstanding job on them!

flier-front.gif flier-back.gif

(Clicking should make them open in a new tab or window and be a lot bigger. I don’t really know what I’m doing, though.)