Friday 26/01/07

A bunch of us were at a friend’s watching The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (the new film version). At one point it was looking like it was about to turn into a chick-flick, with Arthur announcing that Trillian “absolutely, definitely, positively” was ‘the one’. The two mice saved the day from turning into a slushy nightmare with the all-time classic line “What’s all this ‘is she the one?’ nonsense? Take his brain!” Pure genius!

At the same time, I got to rehear the story of another friend’s ears. He’s damaged his earphones so some of the metal wiring is exposed. Now, it seems that when he’s sitting on the synthetic fabric of the chairs in the computer room his jeans become statically charged. This would usually be fine, but if he’s also listening to music from the computer through the dodgy earphones then there’s an easy route for the electrons and he gets electric shocks straight into his ears every time he moves! I saw it happen when he was sitting just in front of me and it really is awfully funny.


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