Gospel links

The gospel should reach in and change every part of our lives, and I’ve come across a couple of posts looking at how parts of that should work. The first is John Piper with really sound, grace-filled thoughts on “How to Deal with the Guilt of Sexual Failure” – which also works for other failures but sexual sin does seem to be the one that holds most people back most. Maybe that’s just because it’s most prevalent.

Secondly, the five15 blog (a youth group in America which I happened across) has just put up three posts on work and idleness (here, here and here). We need to rest and to take breaks from our work but I always find that when I stop doing what I normally do and replace it with other productive things like reading good books or writing posts (such as today) it’s not only more rewarding but also far more enjoyable than doing unproductive things like watching TV (such as yesterday). Admittedly, part of the reason for that is that the productive things I do tend to be Christian-related so I get encouraged and reminded of Jesus as I go! Anyway, the posts are well worth reading.


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