Wednesday 6/12/06

I’ve just spent a couple of hours with David, trying not to fret about the fact there’s nothing I can really do about the carol service apart from pray and wait and see how it turns out. We were just looking at some of the posters from last year, deciding whether to use them again. Because the name of the event is Emmanuel there are 16 posters, two sets of 8 with the letters of Emmanuel. We only have space to put up one set this year so were wondering if there are any amusing anagrams we could use the others for. After a little while, we realised that we could use them to advertise Meal Menu! The sad thing is, more people would come!

Thank God we have a better message than Meal Menu to share. Emmanuel, God with us. God became flesh so that he could experience what it is to be us, and so that he could die to save us for himself.  We’ll use food if it gets people through the door (hey, we’ve bought 1,000 mince pies!) but we hope and pray that they leave with the better message.


One Response to “Wednesday 6/12/06”

  1. Richard Criddle Says:

    Update: having used an online anagram solver (I’m no good at them!) my new favourite is “Mean mule”!

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