I love praying!

With being quite busy organising the CU carol service (and trying to vaguely understand whatever it is my lecturers are talking about) blogging’s been a bit thin lately. I do have some posts on 2 Timothy ready, and some prayer related things I want to think and write about, but that’s all probably going to have to wait until Christmas. I did just want to share this bombshell though which I’ve sadly only just had. I love praying!

The first thing I should say is that this doesn’t mean that I’m good at it or that I do it anything like often enough. In the last week I haven’t spent a serious amount of time praying any morning, and I haven’t brought my list of 12 (now 13) guys to the Lord in prayer. That really saddens me as I see my own faithlessness pretty clearly, especially in the lead up to a major event, so please do pray for my discipline in this. But what I wanted to say is that the times I have prayed have been great. Praying in groups, or pairs and having the encouragement of seeing other people praying with me – and often for me. A quick prayer for illumination before I read the Bible that turns into natural praise and thanks to God for revealing himself in his word. These times have been great.

But what to do practically if (like me most of the time) that isn’t your experience? I don’t really know. Talk to someone older and wiser than me! But it might help to go to group prayer events so you’re forced to pray and see if you don’t love it! And pray that you’ll pray, that praying will become more natural. That might sound stupid, but it’s helped me. I’ll leave you this quote (though the whole post is great) from a post that Dave Bish wrote on a similar subject:

And remember, permission to fail, grace for all our past and future failings in prayer… if you reach the end of the day prayerless, humble yourself, confess it and seek God’s grace and then admit you need to sleep because you’re not God after all.


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