Jay Smith on youtube

I’ve been meaning to put this link up for a bit. Jay Smith is an American apologist, who specialises in defending Christianity from attacks made by Muslims. He knows a lot and is very articulate when he presents it. Listening to him is great for learning how to defend the faith, and also how to talk to Muslims about some of the problems in Islam. It’s also an encouragment to know that there are answers to all the attacks of our faith even if we don’t know them ourselves.

He’s recently started putting videos on youtube.com, with short answers to criticisms of Christianity and invitations for Muslims to engage him in ongoing dialogue. His videos are top-quality and can be found here.

A word of warning, though. There are video responses by Muslims to many of Jay’s submissions which is fantastic and gives him a chance to come back on what they’re saying. Moreover it is encouraging that all the arguments I’ve seen from them against Jesus or the Bible are based either on misunderstanding or misquoting the Bible or on creating a ‘strawman’ and knocking it down, ie arguing against things that Christianity has never claimed anyway but they say that it does. However, many of them are very confident of their views and very eloquent and persuasive. And even if they weren’t, the words they speak are dangerous. Paul says to the Colossians, “see to it that no one takes you captive by philosophy and empty deceit” (Colossians 2:8) showing that words and ideas, even if they are untrue, are powerful and can damage our faith – by which I mean our personal faith in Jesus, not the Christian faith which is unshakable. So take protection.

If you are going to watch what the Muslims are submitting – which is a great way to learn what they think and begin to work out how you would respond – make sure you pray first, that God will keep you safe from “philosophy and empty deceit”. If you are unexperienced in dealing with Islam, maybe watch the videos with another Christian friend. If you see something that sounds reasonable, talk it over with someone older and more experienced and see what they think. Don’t be afraid to say that you saw a Muslim argument and you can’t see anything wrong with it – none of us knows everything and we’re all always learning.

With that word (or two paragraphs!) out of the way, please do make use of this fantastic resource. Happy viewing, and hopefully it will help you in your conversations with Muslims – and everyone else.


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