Prayer does change things!

This post title will probably get me in a little less trouble than the previous one. It seems obvious, but I often act like I don’t really believe that prayer will change things – so I have to ask whether I really do believe it. I just wanted to remind myself of some examples of obviously answered prayer from the last couple of weeks. If they encourage someone else as well then praise God. I fear that the reason that more don’t spring to mind isn’t that God isn’t faithful to answer, but because I’m not faithful to ask. As a teacher I respect said to me when I shared some of these things with him – “so be zealous for prayer!” Why wouldn’t I be? It clearly works:

  1. A church I visited one year ago and a couple of weeks ago has made huge progress in that time. They are so much more gospel- and Jesus-centred, have far better participation and are doing great things in their area. When one of my friends asked what they put the change down to the answer was “well, I think really we just prayed about it”.
  2. A pair doing evangelism on campus met someone they’d met a few months ago. Back then he’d been really uninterested so we’d prayed for him and then forgotten him. Now, it seems a lot of his blocks have been removed and he’s much more open.
  3. As a CU we prayed that 5 people would volunteer to help out with the carol service. 6 turned up. There are also many other providences in the planning of this event which I won’t bore you with.
  4. Feeling completely dead on morning I prayed that God would give me joy so I could face the day in a godly manner. Within minutes I had Christian songs stuck in my head and they stayed there for a couple of days. Singing about Jesus is an amazing antidepressant!
  5. One evening I was feeling stressed about everything that was going on. I asked God that he would help me to leave that behind and find peace and comfort as I read the Bible. He did!

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