Sunday 22/10/06

Jason is a real encouragement to laugh – as I was chatting with him at church he would really laugh at things that were funny, and I couldn’t help laughing along with him.

On the way home, I brushed past a branch which must have had a puddle of water caught in a leaf so it tipped its water into my ear. It was cold!

On the phone with David, I found out that Sky have bought the rights for Lost from channel 4 which has many terrestrial viewers up in arms. To placate them, Sky have promised to show the programme earlier than channel 4 were going to. Huh? Is the idea that they have less time to get Sky set up, or that they can miss the episodes sooner than would otherwise be possible? We also discussed the idea of an ice-cream and Haribo pizza which I’m hoping will be forgotten by Wednesday.

Then I was upstairs helping to raise David’s desk so that his chair will roll underneath by putting cardboard rolls under each leg. Now it’s 2 feet higher and very wobbly and looks hilarious. His room is just above mine so if I get woken by large chunks of falling plaster I know who to blame…

After having left a loud and tuneless “happy birthday” song on Caroline’s voicemail, we could only hold in raucous laughter for a moment. The important question, though, is whether it makes her smile.


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