Thursday 12/10/06

Hm. Another chance to laugh at myself, as I was talking to Em via gmail and after saying that what I ate yesterday was “a little bit of cake, a sausage baguete, some pringles, some carrot and a pack of crisps” I commented that I didn’t have that much energy for most of the day and only then put two and two together. I really could have done with working it out yesterday. Oh! I had a biscuit too. Thankfully I’m getting fed lunch and dinner today, so don’t have to cope on my own pathetic memory or going-and-getting-food skills.

The colour and consistancy of the foam that cherryade produces when poured into a plastic cup.

Coming out of the CU and I met someone who wanted to go to South Ken tube station which is where I was headed. He said that he was coming out of a lecture on the cosmological constant and whether the precision of it suggests that there must be millions of universes (the multiverse theory). I was just gearing up to challenge him as to what he thought and explain that I think the reason the constant is so finely balanced is that God designed it when he announced that he is a retired pastor. So out of the blue I got to have a conversation with a godly gentleman about his past and my future. I didn’t laugh, but I smiled at God’s providence. Maybe one day when we meet again the two of us will laugh about it – maybe even walking to the new South Ken station, depending on how God designs the new heavens and the new earth.


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