Wednesday 11/10/06

Our maths lecturer just came out with two unfortunate choices of words. The first was as he was half way through trying to write a very long equation on the board and he paused – obviously confused as to what came next. He looked at the preceding lines for a few seconds before announcing “I’m doing something very strange”. After all that effort and once he’d finished writing it up correctly he turned to face us and said “Now, I haven’t done very much”.

Through the lecture, Tristan and I were both complaining about our pens and thought that the other one was better. So we swapped, and each of us is convinced that the other got a rubbish deal. As I laughed, I remembered the rules when my brother and I used to play Ker-Plunk: I understood that the aim was to force the other player to take the marbles he (being younger) assumed that the most marbles won. There was never an arguement, as we always both won!

Joel reminded me yesterday how a year ago the two of us ended up cleaning out a bathroon with nothing but toilet duck. After only a moment’s indecision, we decided to go all out and started cleaning out the sinks with it. What’s more worrying than that is how funny we found it – probably because we’d been playing mafia ’til after 3am.


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