Tuesday 10/10/06

In my heat and mass transport lecture just now, the lecturer talked us through the complex process we’re about to embark on to calculate the absolute enthalpy (or something like that) of helium. In that process he used the word helium frequently so it was obviously on my brain when he said “and when we’ve done all that we’ll breath a huge…sigh of relief”. During that brief pause, my own brain finished his sentance “mouthful of helium and talk with silly voices” which I then started laughing at – scoring me confusion and stares from people sitting around. ‘Twas embarassing but that’s life in this funny old world.

In keeping with the aim of laughing plenty at myself, I had to laugh today when I was asked what’s the point of that big red-brick tower out of the window just by uni and I realised that I’d never even noticed it before. I really am useless! And I couldn’t repress a smile when recounting some foolishness of last year: “I lost my watch for about three months until I found it had been in my shoe”.


One Response to “Tuesday 10/10/06”

  1. Ivy Says:

    Hey! This one is really good. :)

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