Monday 9/10/06

Walking through the new bioengineering building at Imperial, and enjoying the clashing green and pink decor.

Our lecturer not noticing that his data projector had died – and of course no one pointed it out – and commenting “of course, you can’t see this too well on the slide” only to glance up and realise that we couldn’t see anything at all. General hilarity ensued.

Standing outside the entrance to Mech Eng and a random guy asks me what the history of the name “Imperial” for the college is. I tried to answer – but it’s not like I did research into the place’s history before I filled in UCAS and it just seemed like such an odd thing to ask and to assume I’d know.

DTC – probably the place where I feel most at home in the world apart from home. Having a good time with guys whose company I love. There’s too much to say, but the quote of the day is a description of Pete Woodcock: “He’s like Jay Smith, but you can follow what he’s saying”. It’s good banter.

Okay, I guess this was a pretty funny day after all. We’ll see about the rest of the week…


2 Responses to “Monday 9/10/06”

  1. Ivy Says:

    What is DTC? May I ask?

  2. Richard Criddle Says:

    It’s the student group at my church – it stands for Discipleship Training Course. We have a short applied doctrine talk (looking at applications of the gospel this term which is really exciting) then a Bible study from Exodus and then a meal and plenty of time to chat.

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