Luke 12:13-34

Here we see Jesus follow on from his previous teaching, now with a specific theme in that he is motiviating his disciples to have a godly outlook on money. He quickly dispenses with the ‘interuption’ and uses it to make his next point. This might seem like a stupidly obvious point, but Jesus really is very very smart.

Some very basic points come out of this passage:
While planning for the future is not wrong, working only for myslef and therefore being lazy when I’ve done all that I need to do is.
Work primarily for God’s kingdom, and trust that he will provide for me. This doesn’t mean I have to quit my job and go into full time paid (or unpaid!) Gospel ministry, but it does mean that fear of losing my job shouldn’t make me clam up about Jesus because I trust he will provide. That requires faith!
As well as trusting God for what you need, be generous once you have it for two reasons. Firstly, to earn treasure in heaven. Secondly, to make sure that your heart is fixed on heaven not the world. That will make all the motivation from the last passage much easier.

Heavenly Father, I pray that I would have a godly attitude about ‘my’ time and money which really always has been yours. Let me seek to put your concerns above and before my own. Amen.


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