Luke 10:13-24

The first section of this passage seems to be more naturally the end of the last one. Jesus emphasises his statement that those who reject his messengers will face serious judgement. Fear of being laughed at shouldn’t stop me from talking to people about Christ – God will make everything fair on the last day.

There were many blessings to being one of the 72, many of which also belong to all Christians in some way. We have the great honour of speaking so that people hear Christ’s message (v16). We can never be hurt by any of “the power of the enemy” (v19). Our “names are written in heaven” (v20). The Son has chosen to reveal his Father to us (v22). We have seen – through the Bible – many things that “prophets and kings desired to see…and to hear” (v24).

But we are not to rejoice in what we can do in this world, or even the blessings that God has given to us. From verse 20 we can learn that we should rejoice in our status in heaven, while in verse 21 we see that Jesus rejoiced that his Father was doing things according to “[the Father’s] gracious will”. It may seem odd to thank God that he’s doing what he wants to, but if my primary will is for God’s will to be done then of course I’ll rejoice when it happens. That means I need to watch for it happening – look out for answered prayers, remember the vast number of Christians I know who it was God’s gracious will to save, be excited when God’s word is being preached faithfully. All these things make my Father joyful, so I want to rejoice in them too.

Heavenly Father, I thankyou for the status that I have in Christ. I thankyou that you are working your will in the earth, and I pray that I will seek to be part of it more. Help me to remember to watch out for you working, and to meditate on the amazing fact that my name is written in Heaven. Let me not take these for granted, and let me rejoice in them. Amen.


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