Genesis 26

At the beginning of the chapter God tells Isaac that if he stays in this land, God will bless him. Then, in verse 12 it says that Isaac "sowed in that land and…the LORD blessed him" by making him very wealthy. Fair enough – that's just God doing what he said. But in between the two, wouldn't you expect to find Isaac trusting in God and not falling into the same sins that his father did? But that's not what we find – God comes through on his promise despite Isaac's lying. It's far too easy to hold Isaac up as the bad guy whenever he makes a mistake, but we see that in many ways he lived well – his dealing with the well situations, his grief over the improper marriages of his son and his good relations (after the Rebekah incident) with Abimelech. If he needed grace, so do I, and I never want to forget how out-of-this-world this is. This same grace is what I have. My life depends on it.

Heavenly Father, I thankyou for the good example of men like Isaac and the way that we can use them to model our own walk with you. But I thankyou so much more that the days that Isaac failed – and the days that I fail – don't stop you being faithful to your promises? Where would I be otherwise? Help me to live in the light of your awesome faithfulness and in your power follow the good example and put off the bad. Amen


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