Genesis 24:1-60

This arranged marriage is pretty weird to our culture, but Abraham had his priorities sorted. He knew that more important than Isaac being attracted to his future wife or 'clicking' with her was that she was of the same people, so they could work together in serving God. The Bible never says that we must marry those we find it easy to love, but we must marry those who are Christian. As an apprentice at my church (who is going out with an attractive young Christian woman) puts it, "Don't date dead people!"

A quick comment on prayer, Rebekah comes to the well before the servant has finished praying. It's not – as I can so often think – God saying 'Ah, that's a good idea, I might just try that.' Rather, Rebekah was already coming and the servant's prayer allowed him to see God's plans. In true prayer, our wills are conformed to God's so that we can serve him better in the rest of the day. Of course prayer does change what happens, but only when we pray according to God's will. If you want to guarantee that your prayer will be answered with a big, resounding 'YES!' try praying "Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Heavenly Father, thankyou that you provided Isaac with a wife who was willing to leave her home. Help me to have the right focus in all my relationships, and to make it a priority to have solid Christian friendships with people who will encourage me to serve you faithfully. Help me to learn to pray the way you want, by searching the Scriptures to find what you want prayed for. Hallowed be your name. Amen.


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