Genesis 19

What's striking in this passage is that no one reacts to the coming judgement correctly. The crowds are too busy sinning to hear the warning. Lot's son in laws think that it's just a joke. Lot hesitates to leave the city and has to be dragged out (note that God is an initiator, and doesn't wait for us to save ourselves but has done the work for us). He then doesn't want to follow the Lord's guidance, but instead turns to another small town. His wife turns back longingly to the city they have been forced to leave. His daughters, after they have been saved, return to the sexual immorality that doomed Sodom. I wonder how many of these reactions I can see in the people around me, and myself as well.

I wonder what it was that made Lot scared to stay in Zoar. It might have been actually seeing the destruction of Sodom, a new fear of God, the death of his wife. Whatever it was, it is clear that God was so powerful that Lot wanted to obey him.

The mention of Abraham in verse 27 looking over the plain is very powerful. You can imagine him standing there, in awe of God's strength, but being immensly saddened at the loss of life. I've just realised that at Judgement day I'll be there. How much I need to plead with God that he will save the people I know, and plead with them so that they won't be swept up in his judgement.

Heavenly Father, I praise you that you are so holy you cannot stand sin. Let me hate all forms of sin more, but help me to love the people who are caught up in sin enough to plead with them to look to you. Please will you let those who are around me every day be amoung those that shout for joy when you return. Blessed be your name. Amen.


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