Genesis 18

How awesome it must have been for Abraham to meet with God in person, and then be able to request things of him directly. Guess what! I have God living in me and I can pray to him at any time when I'm humble enough to remember that I need him. How fantastic is that? It's so easy to long for the good ol' days when God walked the earth and spoke to these spiritual giants like Abraham. It must have been so easy for them. But what would they say of me? The curtain has been torn down, God has graciously granted me access to him all day every day not just at the times that he chooses. I think that Abraham would long for the good new days, and probably with far more reason than I. It wasn't easy for Abraham or Sarah, as evidenced by the fact that Sarah laughed at God's word despite the fact this wasn't the first time he had said she would bear Abraham a son. I need to seriously thank God for what he has given me through and in Christ.

Heavenly Father, I praise you that you were gracious to let Abraham see you and speak with you. I praise you that you allow the same to me, when I know I am so unworthy. Let me love more the fact that you are here all the time, always in me and always listening. Let me make more use of prayer. Let me be transformed by your presence to love Christ more. Amen.


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