Genesis 11:10-13:4

It seems like a deliberate parallel that both Terah and Abram set out for Canaan, but only Abram made it all the way. However, this isn't to say that Abram had everything sussed. Even though God had promised to bless him after telling him to go to Canaan, Abram moved to Egypt when famine struck rather than trusting God. Then once he's there, he lied about his wife and let her be taken as Pharaoh's wife. Abram caused suffering to many in Pharaoh's household, which wouldn't have happened had he trusted either time. Not that I'm any different. Even though I have the example of men like Abram, I won't trust that God knows what he's doing and that trusting him is the way I will be most blessed.

But that isn't curtains for Abram. He returns to the Negev very wealthy, and there's another parallel as he again calls on the name of the LORD between Ai and Bethel. He retraces his steps, and reiterates his dependance on God. 'Search the Scriptures' points me to Revelation 2:5, "Repent, and do the things you did at first". If I come back to God and come back to the Gospel which is the centre of the beginning middle and end of Christian life I know that God will take me back, wherever I have wondered. Praise him!

Heavenly Father, thankyou for the amazing promise to Abram and that you were faithful to it – every nation has been blessed by Christ who came from Abram. Let me trust in you more and not seek to help you out where you don't seem to be managing. Let that really be shown in my prayer, and let me come back to the Gospel everytime I drift. Thankyou that you won't give up on me. Amen


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