Genesis 1-2

Where can you start? There’s so much amazing stuff like – for example – God creating everything! But I want to look at a few specifics so that I can’t get away with just saying “yeah, God’s quite impressive”.

I like the fact that the first four words of the Bible start to fry my brain whenever I think about them. “In the beginning God”. How does that work? Before time existed, God just was. Why? How? The Bible begins by setting me in my place. I don’t know or understand everything! But the Bible also reveals to us things that God wants us to understand about him. Repeatedly we see the phrase “and God said”. God has the power to create just by his word, which is awesome. It also says “and it was so” over and over – if God says something will happen it just does – just the way he wants it. The phrase that really jumped out at me, though, was in 1:16 “He also made the stars”. That’s probably more impressive to me than Moses since I know how incredible stars are, but it’s just a throwaway. It’s like “I also made a cup of tea”, but it’s the stars! All of them!

So, God rocks – but he made man in his image. That’s even more mind blowing – this infinite mind-blowing creator cares about bags of water walking around on two tiny legs for eighty years. He doesn’t just make them and then watch how they cope, he makes a beautiful garden for them, and gives them “every seed-bearing plant” on the whole earth. So just three pages into the Bible and we know that God is infinite and yet intimate. Don’t you just want to find out more? That makes me want to keep going to Revelation. More than that it makes me excited that I know this God – and he loves me very much. :D

Heavenly Father, what can I do but praise you for the awesome universe you created and the infinite detail that it contains. And more than that, for the fact that you didn’t struggle to design it, but spoke. You are amazing. Thankyou that you are interested in me, and my life. Please help me to recapture the awe when thinking of the God that created the heavens and the earth, and please help me to recapture the joy when thinking of my Daddy who knows me completely and loves me. Amen.


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