Luke 9:37-56

After the dramatic revelations about Jesus in the previous passage (though most of the disciples did not know about the transfiguration by the beginning of this passage) we see five ways in which the disciples mess up. That’s one every four verses! But more notable is Jesus, who remains rock solid though it all, loving and patient.

The disciples are unable to drive out a demon – so Jesus rebukes it for them.
The disciples don’t understand that he must be betrayed – Jesus explains patiently.
The disciples argue about who is the greatest – Jesus instructs them clearly.
The disciples want to stop those who aren’t “one of us” – Jesus seeks to build them up.
The disciples try to destroy the town that wouldn’t welcome them – Jesus simply heads for another.

I know that I will get it wrong – both not understanding what is right and not acting on it when I do know – and it’s amazing to think of how patient Jesus was with these men and how every time he corrects them he does it in such a loving way.

And my favourite phrase in here is that “Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem”. He knew what was coming, but he was resolute. I just love it.

Heavenly Father, thankyou so much that you sent your Son as a perfect example for us, and so that in him we could see what you are like. I praise you that despite knowing what was going to happen to him, Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. Thankyou for his amazing love to do that. And thankyou that when I get everything wrong you are patient and will instruct me, if I listen. Let me listen longer and harder. Amen.


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