Luke 9:1:17

It's all about trust! Of course this passage is about many things – the Gospel being preached and Jesus demonstrating his divine power – but to me right now God is saying 'trust me'. When Jesus sent his closest friends out without any of the things that they would 'need' for the mission ahead of them they must have learned to trust in God for everything. I've heard so many stories of how people have gone on short term mission and come back so excited about what God provides when you have nothing. But then, in case they've missed the point he makes it very obvious that he can provide for them by doing it big time! And so generously – there is more waste left over than there was food to start with! Jesus didn't miscount, he wasn't foiled by a lot of people watching their figure who didn't eat much – he was making a point. Trust in me. I will provide. Plentifully. How much better than the disciples top plan of going to buy food for everyone!

Heavenly Father, thankyou that you are a great provider who will provide all that I need to serve you. Thankyou that you have the power to do all this, and the patience to remind me again and again that I need to trust in you. Help me to bring my problems to you and see how you want them solved, not using my human wisdom. Equip me to serve you better. Amen.


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