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I’ve noticed for the first time that Jesus doesn’t say the second and third type of person in the parable of the sower won’t be in Heaven. The first is clearly not saved (v12). The second “fall away” in this life, but he doesn’t say that that disqualifies them eternally. The third group don’t become mature, but spiritual maturity is not a requirement for entry to Heaven. He says that those who are good soil will produce a crop – but doesn’t say whether this means they alone are saved, or whether they alone yield the fruit of the Spirit and grow to maturity.

Either way – leaving aside the eternal questions that ultimately only God really knows the answer to – the application for me is the same. Pray. Pray that when I explain the Gospel, Satan won’t steal those words before they can have an effect. Pray for myself and other Christians that we won’t fall away or be choked by troubles but will yield a crop by God’s power. Also, the Christians I know who seem to be becoming less committed I need to encourage back to Christ and the Gospel. And pray for them, of course!

Verse 18 seems to be talking about final judgement, so I guess that 17 means when we are judged, we won’t be able to hide anything. On that day, God knows the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Praise him, though, that he won’t see the truth of my life, but the Truth of Christ’s. If we are subjected to this ultimate scrutiny, who can stand? Anyone who doesn’t trust in Christ has nothing and (v18) whatever they think they have – which is a gracious gift of God – in this life will be taken from them. People need to hear the Gospel!

What a fantastic promise in verse 21. I am in a relationship with the living God right now this minute, because I have heard God’s word and put it into practice. That simple. Recognise my sin and that I can’t do anything about it and then accept Christ’s free gift. Brilliant!

Heavenly Father, I’m sorry for the things I’ve done in ‘secret’ that offend you and your holiness. Thankyou that those will not be held against me in the end. You are a truly merciful God! Help me to change my life to reflect the fact that I have been transformed when I became a brother of Christ. Help me to have a love for my fellow brothers and sisters that I would desire for them to grow in you and not fall away. I pray for all those I know that they would keep walking in you every day. And me as well – let me stay rooted in you. Amen


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