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The woman’s extravagance is amazing, as is the fact that Jesus isn’t embarassed by it! He loves the fact that she’s expressing herself so clearly to him. Would I ever have dared to do this?

Jesus (v40) answers something that Simon was only thinking in his head. Pretty neat, huh?

It’s interesting that just after Jesus has been nailing the lawyers (in the last passage) one invites him back for dinner and is eager to hear what he has to say. No one is beyond hope, thanks to Christ’s grace.

Just in case there’s any doubt about the meaning in verse 47 about whether she was saved by her works, Jesus sums up in verse 50 “Your faith has saved you, go in peace.” He doesn’t even say “your faith has saved you, but if you ever do that again I’ll be waiting for you…” he says, “go in peace.” What a great Gospel we’re under!

I’ve never noticed before the women in 8:1-3 who supported Jesus and his disciples. Not knowing much about the culture, I imagine that the fact he accepted their help was pretty radical. Even more grace – it’s almost like Jesus thought it was a good thing! Whoever wants to serve God, he will give many many ways to do so.

Heavenly Father, I love you. I love you because you are so awesome and I am so not, yet you sent Christ for me. Thankyou that you delight in your people praising you, and help me to love you more and more. Thankyou that there are ways I can serve you, help me to want them and to look for them. Thankyou for grace. Love, Richard


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