Nice to meet you…

I have absolutely no idea what would make a good first sentance – gripping, imaginitive and funny and yet also conveying some subtle truth, so I'm going to assume honesty is the best policy and just admit it. Oh, I already did.

The first confession I must make is that this is probably not the best ever use of webspace. It isn't designed to inform, entertain, cure world poverty or even make it slightly easier to actually cross the road at the top of Queensgate. (If you're ever in London, don't assume that traffic will stop just because there's a zebra crossing.) So, what am I going to be putting here? I don't exactly know at the moment, but basically it's going to be my thoughts on the Bible. Not just generic thoughts like "it's quite thick" or "it's red" or even profound insights like the fact that it's the inspired, true word of God, and has the answers to all life's serious questions – though the latter is entirely true – but hopefully something more detailed.

I have recently started a book called Search the Scriptures. Basically it's a three year course of reading the entire Bible and looking at each section in detail. Each day it has a passage and some questions. Being as unhelpful as ever, after a couple of weeks I've find the questions a little vauge for my tastes, so I was looking for a way to make sure that I actually look at in detail rather than reading the nice story and having it leave me unchanged. In case you think that wouldn't be a bad thing, look at James 1:23 in the Bible itself.

So, my plan is to imagine I was leading a study on whichever section I'm looking at, coming up with some questions and thinking through what the answers and implications are for my life, and then writing some thoughts. The last part is where my problems lay – I am hopelessly disorganised with that sort of thing – so it was suggested that rather than going to all the effort of putting pen to paper I could blog it. So here I am. This isn't here to organise my thoughts so much as it's here to make sure I actually think.

Having said that, feel free to browse, send comments and if you have a moment then please pray that the next time I open the Bible I'll be humble enough to want to find what it's author wanted to say to me, not some clever theory of my own. And why not pray the same for yourself, too?

God bless,


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