Luke 5:1-11

Read it

Verse one says that a huge crowd was listening to Jesus, so much so that he had to get into a boat to speak to them all. Yet we know that after Jesus’ death and resurection, the number of believers was just over a hundred. I have got to stop beliving – and it’s true in the way I act, even if I say and think I dont’ believe it – that me talking to people about the gospel is going to save them. Praise God that he works through broken vessels like me (and Simon) but it is God that works. Before I go out and speak about the fantastic gospel, I have got to get on my knees and pray that God will speak through me, and I will submit to him. Exactly how that works in practice, I haven’t figured out yet – but spending more time on my knees is the way to start.

That was a little side-bar, the book wanted me to look at the calling of the disciples, so I’ll turn there now. Verse 5 shows that he was obedient without needing justification for what he was asked to do. How can I be more like that? Perhaps in continuing in the faith even in the times where I have doubts or it doesn’t seem right. It must have seemed stupid chucking his nets in the water right then, but Simon was able to say – I trust that whatever happens you know what you’re doing.

In verses 6-10, it seems clear that this catch is beyond anything that the fishermen had ever seen. They were able sailors and fishers, otherwise they would have become impoverished long before. They could have been tempted to think that they’re good enough to make up for the bad day and just scrape through the week. They probably would have managed. But when they trust Jesus he provides so much more than they could ever have dreamed. I could survive a week, probably a year, probably more, without paying any attention to Jesus. But he wants to give me so much more than I could dream of managing by myself. Do I trust that he can actually do that? I want to trust more in him and not me!

Verse 9 shows Simon’s response to seeing this miracle – he realises that he is in the presence of someone special and realises how sinful he is by comparison. How often I become accustomed to sin and forget things that I have done wrong because they seem so natural. WWJD may be pretty cheesy, but if every second I was thinking ‘would Jesus have done what I just did?’ I would be so ashamed and would fall down and cry out to Jesus. Yet, he does not go away as Simon says but calls Simon to him. And me too! How cool is that?

I really didn’t think I would have that much to write about a story that I’ve heard so many times before. “The Bible is like a sea that a baby can paddle in, but an elephant can drown in.” No idea who said that, but they were spot on. I’m going to end each post with a prayer about what I’ve seen in the passage. So, here’s number one.

Heavenly Father, thankyou so much for your word and how much there is in it. Thankyou that you can challenge me through a simple story that I’ve seen before. Thankyou that though I am a sinner and every moment of my life rebel against you, still you are calling me to you. Help me to recognise sin more in my life, and to truly turn away from it and towards you. Thankyou for your amazing providence. Please increase my desire to pray for you to work, trusting in you more to do amazing things in your world. Amen


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